About Enlightened Audio - Connect

So, what's this all about? 

"Connect" is a free service that helps you find new ways to distribute your spoken-word recordings. The purpose of Connect is to help you earn extra income from your recordings, while providing publishers with new content to distribute... your content. 

Connect is open to everyone. You don’t need to create an account and you don’t even need to be a customer of Enlightened Audio. This is a goodwill project that was conceived by our composer and site director, Christopher Lloyd Clarke. 

We will be adding more opportunities to this service over time, so if you are not already subscribed to our newsletter, I recommend signing up here so that you’ll be advised when we do so.


How to find publishing opportunities 

Simply click here to browse through the listings in Connect. Thoroughly read the descriptions of the various publishing companies and the types of recordings they are looking for.  If you feel that you have something to offer them, click on the “Connect here” button. This will take you to a page with a contact form through which you can introduce yourself to them directly. Tell them a little about yourself and the recordings you have created. You can connect with as many publising companies as you like.

Please note that Enlightened Audio does not take part in any communications or deals you form with these publishing companies. We're just here to help you connect with them.  


Before you Connect...

Please show respect to the publishing companies you discover by reading their requirements carefully before you make contact. If you are not sure if you are what they are looking for, don't be shy. Feel free to connect with them and ask questions. The publishers we work with are full of good people who will be interested in your creations.

When you contact a publishing company, it's a very good idea to send a link to one of your recordings so that they can download it or listen to it online. As you might expect, publishers will want to hear your recordings to ensure that they are right for them. 


What happens if a company likes my recordings?

Publishers that like your work will communicate with you directly and walk you through the process of signing up with them. Again, Enlightened Audio does not participate in this process, we are just here to help you connect with the right publishers. Please note that there is no guarantee that every publisher you contact will want to publish your recordings. Connect is a free service that is all about opening up opportunities for you, it's not a guarantee of sales. 


How much will you earn? 

Every publisher is different. Some may pay you a 50% royalty, whereas others may only pay 10%. Some might pay no royalties at all because their app is free, so exposure of your recordings to the public is the only benefit they offer. This is perfectly normal and you should expect some variation. Once you have connected with a publisher you are free to inquire about how and when they pay royalties.  

Our advice is for you to get involved with a variety of publishers and don’t rule out any companies just because they pay a smaller royalty than others. Sometimes a company may pay a smaller royalty, but they may have a huge customer base that can generate significant revenue for you. 

Please also note that it may be very difficult for publishing companies to answer the question, "How much money am I going to make?" Your recordings will probably be a part of a larger collection that the publisher is representing. How much you will earn will depend on many variables such as:

  • How successful the publisher is. Their revenue may vary from month to month. 
  • How popular your recordings are. 
  • How many recordings you provide.
  • The method of monetization that the publisher employs. 


Share the wealth

Do you know anyone else who creates hypnosis or meditation recordings?  Please share Connect with them. This is a genuinely free and open service that can only lead to growth for everyone who takes part. It's an incredible opportunity for you to be helped and for you to help others, so if there was ever a time to share something with your colleagues, this is it.  

By the way, if you are already in contact with any companies that publish meditation / hypnosis / personal growth audio, please let them know about Enlightened Audio - Connect so that they can apply for a listing in this service. Every new publisher we add creates opportunities for everyone to participate in. 


A closing message from our composer and director, Christopher Lloyd Clarke. 

"Since 2010 it has been my great pleasure to provide relaxing background music to thousands of talented healers and therapists all over the world. Most of these people have used my music to create recordings that help to relax, heal and inspire others, and many of them ask me for advice on where they can distribute their recordings in order to reach more people and earn some additional income. Perhaps you are one of these people. If so, then Enlightened Audio – Connect was created for you. I hope you take full advantage of it and that it rewards you for many years to come. 


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