Black Friday Sale - 2016

Whoops! I've launched this Black Friday sale a full day late! Why the delay? Well down here in Australia where I live we don't generally celebrate Black Friday or Cyber Monday. However I have received so many customer inquiries about music discounts over the last 48 hours that I thought I'd better get on board! After all, the vast majority of my customers are in North America and I know that more and more countries around the world are adopting the Black Friday tradition.

So for a short time I’ve halved the price of 5 "hidden gems". These relaxing royalty free meditation music productions aren't always the most obvious choice, but they happen to be the ones that often draw the most impassioned feedback.

Quick tip - some of these albums are also available with binaural beats. Simply follow the links in the album descriptions to click through to the brainwave entrainment editions which are also on sale!

Save 50% (or more)

You can get an additional 10% off your order if it exceeds $200 USD, so you can actually save even more than 50% during this special. More information on our discounts can be found here:

Please note that you don't need a special discount code to apply the discount. The prices you will see already include the 50% discount.

This offer ends THIS WEDNESDAY November 30, 2016 at midnight and includes the following royalty free meditation music titles.

Enlighten Me
This deeply spiritual music features almost 50 different temple bells, Tibetan singing bowls, chimes, gongs and metallic resonances – all interspersed with the sound of a soulful flute and ethereal choirs.
Heaven and Earth
Heaven and Earth can be quite enveloping experience. It may make you feel very heavy, it can lead to emotional releases, and if you are in need of healing it will encourage you to take the rest you need.

Mystic Dawn
Mystic Dawn has an enchanting, mystical atmosphere. It’s a very textural, multi layered composition with an organic, dreamy vibe. It's very comforting. Very nurturing. This is the kind of music you can play for hours on end and just sink into. Magic time.

There is no "fat" in this music. No excess. Just the pure essentials...swirling white noise, a hypnotic drone and a gentle wandering melody that was created with a bowed glass instrument. This is seriously Zen, minimalistic music.

Inner Sanctum
A profoundly relaxing journey in two parts - a soothing piano piece for gentle relaxation, followed by a deeper, slower meditative piece that lulls you into a very deep state of consciousness. These two tracks flow together as part of a seamless musical experience, but each has its own distinct atmosphere and may be used separately.

All of these albums are half price until midnight this Wednesday November 30, 2016.

With best wishes and musical hugs from me.
Christopher Lloyd Clarke
Composer & Director of Enlightened Audio