Black Friday Sale 2018

Our Black Friday sale has just begun. We've reduced the price on absolutely all our relaxing music, sound healing and nature sounds until Tuesday November 27. Please read on so I can show you how to maximize your discount... 

Combining multiple discounts – how to get the most for your money

The price of individual albums have been reduced by 10-15%, but by combining our discounted prices with one of our Store Credit Discount Packs you can get so much more music for your money. Combined savings of well OVER 60% are possible.

This is absolutely the highest level of discount we can ever offer, so I encourage you to take advantage of this sale. Here's how... 

We currently offer three Store Credit Discount Packs that provide discounts of 35%, 50% and 60%. These are a permanent offering that you can take advantage of any time (not just during our Black Friday sale). Please click here for full details:

Discounted Store Credits

When you purchase a discount pack, funds are added to your account in the form of store credits. The amount of credits you receive is much more than what you actually pay for. For example, our green Tier 2 Discount Pack costs $499 USD and provides you with $1,000 to spend (that's a 50% discount). You can use your store credits to purchase music right away, or you can come back whenever you like to purchase music using your credit balance.

Now here's the good bit. You can use your discounted store credits to purchase music that has already been discounted for our Black Friday sale. Let me show you how these discounts combine…

Let’s say you wanted a royalty free license for 5 full length albums. This would normally cost ($89 USD x 5) = $445. 

If you purchase a Tier 1 Discount Pack, you will pay just $289, but we will fill your wallet with $450 of store credit – enough funds to purchase those 5 albums, and you'll still have an extra $5 in store credit left over. 

But with our Black Friday discounts, those albums will now only cost $375. With a Tier 1 Discount Pack, you will have enough funds to purchase those 5 albums and you’ll have an extra $75 in credit left over - enough to buy a 6th album. 

Store Credit Discount Packs are the best way to obtain a large discount and they are a no-brainer if you think you will ever need more than 1 or 2 albums. But enough talk from me... I'll let Bobbie Jo tell you why these Discount Packs are such good value...

Bobbie Jo's Feedback (Enthusiasm level 10)

(Genuine customer feedback, word for word)

"A friend recently asked me where I get my music from. I enthusiastically told her about you, and how I had just invested in a discount package to get even more beautiful music from you. She commented on how the prices were higher than what she had found and purchased before.

I let her know I was aware of that, as I too had come across other options. I told her my reasoning for going with your music, and why I had just invested another $500 in one of your packages. These are some of the reasons I gave her:
1.     Ease of use and understandability of your site. Your site is beautifully laid out, simple to use and navigate, and how I can use your music is clearly stated. Seriously, your site flows wonderfully (like your music).
2.     Your music is top notch. You can tell this is your heart and passion, it’s what you do! The energy of your music is amazing and it transforms my meditations into magic. It takes my work to a whole other level.
3.     You. You are real. When I message you with a question, you personally respond. 
This morning my friend sent me a text stating how she was recording her first meditation for her current program using your music. A little while later she messaged that it was perfect! How it brought her work to a whole new level, and made it sound other worldly! She was blown away. I asked her if she purchased one song or a package. She said a $500 package, and she’s glad she did!
I just wanted to let you know your music is SO appreciated. THANK YOU for what you do. I’m grateful to have found you! I will keep sharing your name and recommending your music! Your energy shines through your music, it is so much more than music, it is transformational. Sometimes I just play the songs themselves (even the previews on your site) to enjoy the magic. Your site is total web presence goals! No other can compare. The energy and flow there is amazing like your music. Thank you for being you and all you do!

Have a beautiful and blessed day!

Oceans of Love,
Bobbie Jo"