Enlightened Audio Connect - Information for Publishers

If you are looking for new audio productions to distribute that are specifically related to relaxation, meditation, spiritual growth and so on, and if you pay royalties to the artists whose content you distribute, then we can connect you with the right people and the right content.

Enlightened Audio is a hub for thousands of talented healers, life coaches and qualified therapists. Most of these people have created recordings that help to relax, heal and inspire the world, and many of them are looking for new ways to reach more people with their recordings and earn some additional income in the process. 

The purpose of Enlightened Audio – Connect is to bring these people and the recordings they have created, to your door. 


How it works

When you list your business in Enlightened Audio – Connect, you can describe your business and what kind of content you are looking for in as much detail as you like. You can see some examples of listings here:

Your listing will also include a feature page and a contact form on our website. Visitors who read your listing and can provide the right kind of content to you, will reach out to you directly. There’s nothing you need to do except sit back and allow applicants to read your listing and contact you.

Once this contact is made, our role is at an end. You will communicate directly with the applicants who make contact with you. You will have total freedom to select which recordings appeal to you and to enter into an agreement directly with applicants. 


What does it cost? 

Enlightened Audio – Connect is a completely free service. No, there is no catch. No upsell. Nada. 

Our goal is only to create a win-win situation by connecting people who create meditation/relaxation/ hypnosis recordings and the companies that publish them. 

Who can participate?

Enlightened Audio - Connect is a service that is focussed specifically on audio (and in some cases video) for meditation / relaxation / hypnosis / personal / spiritual growth etc. So if your business is all about "Tractor Maintenance" or "How to win at golf" then this is not the right service for you. 

We will happily publish a listing for your business if you satisfy the following criteria: 

  • You currently publish or distribute audio that is focussed on meditation/relaxation/hypnosis/personal/spiritual growth etc.
  • Your operation is well established and generates revenue on a regular basis.
  • You pay a percentage of this revenue to your content providers.
  • You are ready to receive email inquiries from content providers and can respond to them in a reasonable time frame.



If you have any questions at all, feel free to contact us here.