Flash sale - 2016 Birthday Specials

It’s my 42nd birthday this Saturday July the 2nd, so just for a bit of fun I thought I’d do something a little different with you.

For a short time I’ve halved the price of 7 of my personal favourite music compositions. This nice juicy discount is my birthday gift to you.

Now for the birthday fun.

I will use up to 20% of the proceeds of this sale to purchase some new Tibetan Singing bowls and other sound healing instruments for my birthday. I’ll then use these instruments to create even more music for you to use in the future! In this way, you will be buying me a birthday present that I will love (so much more than another pair of socks) and a gift that I can really put to good use.

Singing bowls(This is what your purchase will contribute to. So much better than socks.)

Save at least 50%

Don’t forget that you will also get an additional 10% off your order if it exceeds $200 USD, so you can actually save even more than 50% during this birthday special. More information on our discounts can be found here: http://www.enlightenedaudio.com/discounts


This offer ends THIS SUNDAY July 3 at midnight and includes the following albums.

Pure of Heart
Pure of Heart is an elegant piano composition that will soothe your mind and encourage a state of open heartedness.

Wandering in the Warmth
This is a composition that's easy to overlook at first. But if you are prepared to take your time and listen to the preview at a quiet volume, you'll discover why this slow, soothing music is perfect for hypnosis, meditation, or indeed any media production that requires deeply relaxing music that has no emotional highs or lows. This is one album from our royalty free meditation music collection that is sometimes, overlooked, but those who discover it RAVE about it.

Sculpted white noise sounds blended with Tibetan singing bowls, celestial choirs and pure bells. Constellation will transport you to a place that is beyond all thought and emotion.

In Spiritus
Angelic choirs blended with soft, slow-moving synthesized sounds and sprinkled with ethereal chimes. This deeply spiritual music is interspersed with subtle, hypnotic interludes and occasionally visited by a soulful Bulgarian piccolo flute.

Inner Sanctum
Inner Sanctum is a profoundly relaxing journey in two parts. Part 1 is a soothing blend of meandering piano melodies that soften the heart and mind, preparing the listener for the deeper experience of the following track. Part 2 is very slow moving and has a truly expansive, profound atmosphere that encourages very deep states of consciousness.

Electric piano and a delicate flute take center stage in Quietude, mingling with each other and wandering about in a carefree, light-hearted way. These two instruments float above a foundation of deeper sounds; warm, sustained tones encourage feelings of comfort and safety, and a heart-beat tempo that gradually slows down over time.

The Temple Gardens
Deep in the forest, hidden from the world, a wise old sage rests quietly in the gardens that encircle an ancient temple. His eyes closed, he plays a wooden flute as wind chimes sway gently in the breeze. The Temple Gardens captures the feeling of this magical place.

All of these albums are half price until midnight this Sunday July 3.

With best wishes, birthday greetings and musical hugs from me.

Christopher Lloyd Clarke

Site Director / Composer / Singing Bowl Addict