New royalty free meditation music and ambient music releases

New Relaxation Music - Celestial Light, Subtle Edition

Celestial Light Album Art

"Celestial Light" is a relaxing and very cleansing music composition that I released a few years ago. It's always been a very popular part of our royalty free meditation music collection. I have now released an alternative version of this music that uses a different palette of sounds and moves at a much slower tempo.

New Ambient Music

While my main focus as a composer tends to be long-playing tracks for meditation, hypnosis and healing, I absolutely love creating shorter musical pieces of light and beauty. These tracks I place in the "Ambient Music" category at Enlightened Audio.

The Butterfly's Journey

The Butterflys Journey Album ArtThis delightful composition symbolizes the short, sweet life of a butterfly. It features piano and orchestral strings with exceptionally elegant flute, oboe and viola performances. This poignant ambient music really feels like it’s telling a story. I wonder what images that story conjures in your mind? What do you imagine that story to be?

The Meadow Wakes

The Meadow Wakes Album ArtThis gentle orchestral composition features acoustic guitars accompanied by delightful flute and oboe performances. It’s a spacious, slow moving piece with a somewhat wistful and reflective atmosphere. The placid nature of this music is punctuated by an inspiring crescendo towards the end, with soaring violins taking the lead.


Child's Play

Childs Play Album ArtThis light-hearted, upbeat music brings together the sounds of playground fun with acoustic guitars, groovy rhythms and interesting synthesized sounds. The music is simple, carefree and entertaining and can be enjoyed by both children and adults alike.