Transferring past music purchases to your Enlightened Audio Account

Yes - we can transfer your past music purchases to your shiny new Enlightened Audio account for you, but the process is not automatic. Please read the following steps carefully. 

1. Create an account with Enlightened Audio and purchase at least one item here. (Click here to create an account). 
2. Once you have done this, please contact us and request a transfer of your past music purchases to Enlightened Audio. (Click here to contact us).

In order for us to complete the transfer, you MUST provide the following information in your message:

(a) Your Enlightened Audio username. 
(b) Your first and last name.
(c) A list of all the email addresses you used to purchase music from

With this information, we will do a thorough search of your purchase history and then manually add your past music purchases to your Enlightened Audio account. 


How long does the transfer take?

Please allow up to three days for us to complete your music transfer for you. When we are finished we will contact you to let you know that your music is available in your Enlightened Audio account. 


Why do I need to buy something?

The process of looking up your order history and adding those past purchases to your Enlightened Audio account takes a little time for us to complete. If we were to do this for all of our customers, the task would take one full time employee almost 9 months to finish!

Therefore we can only offer this transfer service to people who really need it. Once you become an active customer at Enlightened Audio then we will happily aggregate your new purchases with your old purchases so that you can access them all in one place. 

Fortunately, we will be offering this transfer service for the next 12 months (until October 2016) so there's no rush for you to purchase anything. We will do our best to tempt you with deliciously relaxing new music releases, so if and when you decide to purchase music from Enlightened Audio we will be ready to help you with a transfer.