Unprecendented Times - A Special Support Announcement

If you work as a healer in any capacity, then I’m sure you are especially sensitive to the fact that anxiety and fear levels have been on the rise for people all over the world due to the Covid pandemic. 

As is to be expected, those people are turning to healers such as yourself for support and guidance, and clearly you have leapt to their aid. At Enlightened Audio we have been inundated with inquiries from healers and therapists who are creating meditation recordings with our royalty free meditation music to provide comfort and peace to others, many for the first time. 

I myself am a healer of the musical kind, but it's through you that my music has the greatest impact in this world. For this reason, I am very motivated to ensure that Enlightened Audio continues to provide you with the best possible support during this unprecedented time. We are taking three steps to support you and the global community as a whole: 

1. We are working 7 days a week and will be responding to all your inquiries in under 24 hours. 

2. We are upgrading our servers to provide greater stability and to handle additional web traffic. 

3. We are increasing our charitable donations to various humanitarian organisations such as the Red Cross.  

I would like to personally extend my best wishes to you for your health and happiness. Shine your light on this world and know that you have my respect and support. 

Yours truly,
Christopher Lloyd Clarke
Composer & Director of Enlightened Audio