Using Our Music in YouTube Videos

At Enlightened Audio our license terms prohibit the distribution of our music in its original form. This means that we don’t allow people to sell CDs or digital downloads of our music, nor do we allow people to stream our music online or in software applications.

YouTube has become a major music streaming platform and as a result we cannot allow you to publish "music only" videos on YouTube. The good news is that you can still use our music in the background of YouTube videos provided that they meet one of the following conditions.

1. Your video contains a voiceover

If you add a voiceover to the music, you can publish your video on YouTube. By adding an audible voiceover to the music your video is no longer a “music only” video and therefore it is permitted.

2. Your videos is informative and contains original footage

If your video is informative or educational and includes original visual content of your own making then it is permitted even if it doesn’t include a voiceover. “Original visual content” means “footage that was shot for the purpose of your video”, rather than stock footage.

If you are not sure if your video qualifies as an “informative video” or if it really is just a “music video” then here’s a tip: think about the title you will give your video. This is usually a good indicator of the focus of your video’s content. The examples below illustrate this. Neither video includes a voiceover, but only the second one would be permitted. The first video is obviously a music video, whereas the second clearly has an informative purpose.

YouTube video examples using royalty free meditation music

If you have any questions about using our music in YouTube videos, please don't hesitate to contact us for friendly guidance.