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Royalty free music to relax, heal and inspire

At Enlightened Audio we specialize in royalty free background music that will open your heart, clear your mind and relax you to your core. We are especially renowned for our royalty free meditation music - a sublime collection of exclusive tracks composed by Christopher Lloyd Clarke. Our royalty free music downloads are perfect for hypnosis recordings, guided meditations, holistic healing, day spas or any type of media production that requires a soundtrack that will relax, heal and inspire your listeners. You can use our royalty free music to create and sell an unlimited number of products, and you can play our music in your business without ever having to pay performing rights fees of any kind.
Learn more about how (and why) people use our music.

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How to purchase & download music

Recommended reading for first time visitors, this brief overview of Enlightened Audio will answer most of your initial questions about how to purchase and download royalty free music from us.

Discount Packs

We offer very generous discounts to our customers. If you think you might want more than 1 or 2 music tracks over time, this is essential information.

How to create meditation & hypnosis recordings

This free course is the definitive guide for every therapist and healer. From script writing, to recording, publishing and so much more. 

Everything you need to know about royalty free music

What is royalty free music?

Royalty free music is music that you can legally use for commercial purposes without having to pay any ongoing fees. Royalty free music costs more than normal music, but the price includes a one-time license fee that allows you to use the music to create products and services that earn you money, for example, hypnosis & meditation recordings, YouTube videos or software applications. You can also play royalty free music at your place of business without having to pay any performing rights fees. For full details on what you can and can't do with our music, please read our license terms.

Can I use your music to create . . . ?

One of the most common questions we are asked is, "Can I use your royalty free meditation music to create meditation / hypnosis recordings and then sell them?" The short answer to that question is "Yes! That's exactly what our music is for". You can also use our music to create all sorts of other media productions which you can monetize. For example, YouTube videos, interactive apps and relaxation DVDs, to name just a few. Want some more insight into how people use our music? Click here for some real-world examples.

Meet the composer

Christopher Lloyd Clarke is the sole composer of all the music you’ll find here. He specializes in music for deep relaxation, healing, hypnosis and enhanced meditation. From his studio in Apollo Bay on the southern coast of Australia, his mission is to create music that helps people live happier, healthier and more peaceful lives. His music collection, including his complete range of royalty free meditation music tracks, is exclusive to Enlightened Audio. 

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How people use our music

Wondering if our royalty free music is right for your project? Here are some real-world examples of how and why people use our music.

New to music licensing? Let us enlighten you.

Clear answers to all your questions about music licensing are right here.  

Latest Release

Featuring softly played Tibetan singing bowls and the whispery magic of an alto flute, this slow, uncomplicated music is like a “musical temple”, providing a warm, meditative and memorable atmosphere that has the power to transform the way you feel. It’s particularly good at calming the nervous system, and for helping you shift into a state of relaxed “flow”.