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Royalty Free Ambient Music

Beautiful music. Tranquil music. Heartwarming music. All the things that make you feel good inside. Our royalty free ambient music is a little more lively than some of our more meditative music categories, but still remains peaceful and emotionally uplifting. You’ll find our royalty free ambient music to be perfect for videos, intro and outro tracks for audio productions, background music for film, TV or any time you need soft, expressive music to give your project a lift.


Serene, spacious and slightly melancholy. Angel's Lament features a gorgeous assembly of orchestral instruments set in a grand cathedral. You'll hear lush strings, solo oboe, solo violin, choirs and Gregorian chants. The music is very slow and expressive, gradually rising to a grand crescendo that really makes its mark.


An enchanting concert flute is the main voice in this delightful music, which meanders ever so gracefully between two heartwarming emotions – adoring love and wistful reminiscence. Delicate, sweet and memorable, Beauty Made Sacred is the kind of song you’ll put on repeat, just to get that lovely feeling in your heart over and over again.


This light-hearted, upbeat music brings together the sounds of playground fun with acoustic guitars, groovy rhythms and interesting synthesized accompaniments. The music is simple, carefree and entertaining, and can be enjoyed by both children and adults alike.


I like to think that this divine music speaks for itself. This is music of love and compassion, pure and simple. Divine Love is also available in our Seven Sacred Centers chakra music collection.


There's an innocence to this music, a gentleness and purity that reminds me of the beginnings of things, like childhood, sunrise and the coming of Spring. This touching music is quite serene, and yet it still manages to rise to a peak at the midway point, holding you in a spacious, elevated state for a few moments before receding quietly and tenderly.


Serene, but truly uplifting. This impassioned orchestral arrangement will tug at your heartstrings and take you on an emotional journey - one of love, inner joy and inspiration.


Heartwarming and oh so expressive, One Perfect Moment is the perfect blend of Cello, Flute and Piano. This tender music is bound to bring a tear to the eye of some listeners, especially at the midway point when a lush orchestral string section joins the arrangement.


Quiet Wonder is a very gentle, uncomplicated music composition that feels a little like a story being told. It may be a brief story, but it’s one that quickly produces a contemplative mood, leaving you feeling relaxed and a little more at peace with life.


This delightful composition symbolizes the short, sweet life of a butterfly. It features piano and orchestral strings with exceptionally elegant flute, oboe and viola performances. This poignant ambient music really feels like it’s telling a story. I wonder what images that story conjures in your mind? What do you imagine that story to be?


This gentle orchestral composition features acoustic guitars and delightful flute and oboe performances. It’s a spacious, slow-moving piece with a somewhat wistful and reflective atmosphere. The placid nature of this music is punctuated by an inspiring crescendo towards the end, with soaring violins taking the lead.


Vision Quest is a musical journey in three parts. The first and last tracks are short and emotionally uplifting. The middle track in this album is very long and has been designed to encourage deep states of relaxation, natural healing and to enhance formal meditation.

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