Enlightened Audio Elements

‘Elements’ features dozens of beautifully recorded singing bowls, chimes and other interesting bell sounds that symbolise clarity, mindfulness, and calm.

These sounds are brief, but they are incredibly atmospheric.

You can use these sounds to enhance any kind of media production, but they are especially well suited to personal growth, wellness and spiritual media, such as guided meditations, instructional yoga videos, podcasts, apps, audiobooks and so on.

Check out the video below for some great ideas on how you can use Elements to improve your own recordings and videos.

Enlightened Audio Elements Bell

Learn how to use Enlightened Audio Elements

Enlightened Audio Epiphany Bowl

How to get your free copy

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How can you use these sounds?

  • You can use these sounds in any media project you like, with or without narration.
  • You can add them to any audio recording, video, podcast, audiobook, social media post…anything!
  • Use of these sounds is completely free, and you don’t have to credit us (but of course we’ll really appreciate it if you do).

Is there anything you can’t do with these sounds?

There are a couple of basic no-no’s.

  1. You can’t distribute the original sound files as your own product, and you can’t modify the sounds and distribute them as your own sound library. In other words, the sounds must be incorporated into a media production of some kind.
  2.  You can’t copy or distribute the sound files to other people. Anyone who wishes to use these sounds can simply download their own free copy from Enlightened Audio.