Learn how to create Professional Meditation & Hypnosis Recordings

If you wish to create a high-quality guided meditation or hypnosis recordings, this course will be your guiding light. Written in a friendly and easy to read style, this is the definitive guide for every therapist and healer. This course will help you to:

  • Clearly understand all the steps involved in creating meditation and hypnosis recordings 
  • Save on costs at every stage in the recording and publication process
  • Create very high-quality recordings that sound fantastic
  • Enhance your credibility and status as a professional in your field
  • Open up new opportunities and reach more people with your work
  • Greatly improve the effectiveness of treatments that you offer to clients
  • Generate additional income

Authored by Christopher Lloyd Clarke B.Sc, Msc.D, music composer and director of Enlightened Audio, this course has been specifically tailored to the needs of professional hypnotherapists, meditation teachers and those who work in healing and educational professions. It’s a completely open access course, free for anyone and everyone to enjoy. 

How to create professional
Meditation & Hypnosis Recordings

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