Lesson 3

Why now is a great time to create meditation & hypnosis recordings

Is it worth your time to create a recording? Is this a project worth undertaking? Will you get a good return on investment? 

The short answer to these questions is “yes, yes and yes…but perhaps not overnight”. 

There are plenty of compelling reasons to create recordings and just as many reasons why now is the best time in history to do so. So, let’s dive in and explore them all.

Demand is strong

We live in a world that is increasingly “media rich” and hungry for new content. Our culture is one that respects, appreciates and relies on people who create and contribute to our lives through digital communication such as YouTube videos, online articles, self-help apps, mp3 downloads, TV shows, podcasts and eBooks. So, when the time comes for you to release your recordings, you can expect there to be a demand for it. 

The demand for self-help audio in particular is also enhanced by the fact that many people prefer to tackle their personal problems in the privacy of their own home, rather than travelling to see a counsellor or therapist in person.

Whether restricted by their geographical location, financial limitations or perhaps even shyness, a certain percentage of the population will always prefer to listen to you on Spotify or watch you on YouTube rather than see you in person.

While I don’t have the statistics to prove it, I’m sure that the demand for meditation and hypnosis recordings has been increasing steadily over the years, driven in part by a greater awareness and understanding of psychological health problems such as anxiety and depression, and our desire to treat them. Self-care and a holistic approach to health that incorporates mind, body and soul, is more important to us than ever before.  

As you can see, there are quite a few factors driving demand for self-help recordings, now more so than ever before. 

Technology – the great (and cheap) enabler

Today’s computers are both cheap and powerful, and they enable you to create media productions (whether they be audio productions, videos or eBooks) with relative ease. I’m happy to report that when it comes to audio recordings, a computer with the most modest performance specifications will suffice. 

Tragically, these are also the same reasons why recording studios all over the world are going out of business. Bands are now much less reliant on recording studios to provide them with the facilities, computing power and equipment they need to record themselves. As a solo artist, you’ll need even less equipment and less computing power than a band, so should you choose to do your own recording (rather than going to a recording studio), then the computer you are using right now is almost certainly good enough to take care of all your recording needs, provided it is less than 15 years old. 

The internet – giving you access to an entire planet of potential customers

It’s almost so obvious that it’s not worth mentioning, but the fact is that the internet effectively reduces the gap between yourself and a billion potential customers to zero. It’s never been cheaper or easier to distribute your work to the world.

Recordings are affordable, easy and efficient to create

Recordings that consist of spoken words mixed with music usually take MUCH less time to create than other types of media productions, such as videos, eBooks and online courses (don’t I know it!). 

For example, to create a 30-minute guided meditation recording, you will probably need to write a script that is no more than two pages long. An eBook that sells for the same price as your recording might contain 100+ pages of content. Which do you think takes more effort to produce?

One of our customers, Barry Bragg, illustrated this point nicely when he shared the following message with us:

“I began writing meditations focused on freeing the mind from limiting and societally influenced thinking to be part of an e-course. But e-courses are complicated to create. That complication has held me back. But the simplicity of an audio program, especially with background music that reduces resistance in the listener, has freed me. So finally, at the age of 63, I may put my work out into the world.”

Enlightened Audio Education - Stage 1

Once you come to grips with the process of creating spoken word recordings, you’ll realise that they can be produced very efficiently indeed. In fact, it’s possible to put together an entire range of recorded products in a relatively short time frame. Writing scripts and recording your voice are tasks that you can take care of in your spare time, so you won’t have to put your life on hold to complete these projects. 

“Return on investment” is the key concept here. You will probably find that the modest amount of time and money you will invest in creating your recordings will yield a very healthy, long term financial return that far outweighs the initial costs. With that in mind, let’s go on to explore the financial rewards and other benefits you can expect your recordings to generate.