Enlightened Audio Company Values

Integrity + Authenticity

At Enlightened Audio we are creators, and we are healers, and we are driven by the most wonderful purpose:

To produce beautiful music that helps to relax, heal and inspire people.

We are dedicated to providing the most soothing and heartfelt music to all of our customers. To this end our music is composed in a serene environment in a very unhurried way by a composer with decades of experience with meditation.

To create music that is not only beautiful, but that also is truly therapeutic and beneficial to our listeners means we practice daily meditation.

Understanding & Expertise

At Enlightened Audio, we have a broad understanding of many different healing practices, both modern and traditional, and an understanding of how music can complement those practices.

This understanding is something we have developed through many years of interaction with a wide variety of therapists, healers, coaches and educators. In fact, many of our music compositions were created in direct response to requests from clients such as these.

Our understanding of various healing modalities not only influences the way we create music, it also allows us to converse with our customers in a more meaningful way because we participate in their world and share many of the same goals.

Creative Inspiration

One of our most heartfelt goals is to creatively inspire you with our music. It is our hope that as you listen, you will discover music that is so delightful and moving that it inspires new ideas and new creative projects!

There may be all sorts of wonderful ideas lurking just beneath the surface of your awareness. It is our hope that our music will help to call those ideas forward.

“Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come”

~ Victor Hugo ~


Enlightened Audio is not a music “supermarket”. We’re not trying to be all things to all people. We don’t offer any jazz or dance music, nor do we stock any pirate metal or German reggae.

We specialise in music for relaxation and healing, which makes it very simple and easy for you to find the perfect music for your next project.

Enlightened Audio Values

Value (quality before quantity)

We’ve all heard the expression “quality before quantity”. We take that ethos to a bit of an extreme!

When it comes to creative endeavours like music composition, you just can’t rush things. Often we devote weeks or even months to the creation of a single piece of music. This creative process usually involves many hours of formal meditation and walks in nature…whatever it takes to bring the magic.

The end result is music that we are very proud of, and music that provides you with extraordinary value.