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Royalty Free Chakra Music

If ever there was an example of quality being more important than quantity, this is it. There might only be one album of royalty free chakra music in our collection, but it’s an absolute showstopper of delightful music that has been lovingly created to purify and balance the body’s energy centres. Each of these beautiful musical creations has been tailored to specific chakras, making them wonderful accompaniment to guided chakra meditations or for any type of natural therapy that focusses on energy balancing. Our royalty free chakra music is perfect for guided chakra meditations, day spas, physical therapies, holistic healing or any audio or video production that require soothing ambient music.


An exclusive collection of chakra music of unsurpassed creative depth and production quality that has become one of Christopher Lloyd Clarke's most acclaimed works. These soothing tracks will relax, purify and enliven the energy centers of your body. They are perfect for creating guided chakra meditations and are a wonderful complement to natural therapy treatments.

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