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Royalty Free Inspirational Music

Instrumental music that will open your heart and lift you up! These inspirational royalty free tracks are the most energetic on offer at Enlightened Audio. They are perfect for inspirational videos, audio productions and live media presentations. They also work really well as an accompaniment to film, TV or any time you need expressive music to add vibrance and emotional depth to your project.


Beyond The Summit is a deeply heartfelt, epic and theatrical orchestral arrangement. There is a touch of sorrow to this music that only makes those climactic moments of elation even sweeter. Both tracks gradually build to a crescendo and offer a huge amount of emotional impact. Seriously expressive stuff.


There's an innocence to this music, a gentleness and purity that reminds me of the beginnings of things, like childhood, sunrise and the coming of Spring. This touching music is quite serene, and yet it still manages to rise to a peak at the midway point, holding you in a spacious, elevated state for a few moments before receding quietly and tenderly.


Serene, but truly uplifting. This impassioned orchestral arrangement will tug at your heartstrings and take you on an emotional journey - one of love, inner joy and inspiration.


Reach begins slowly, building a sense of anticipation before it leaps to its feet and throws its hands in the air. This music is fully alive - and it just seems to keep rising and rising. Jubilation, success, freedom, victory and love. Roll all those feelings into one musical explosion and you have "Reach".

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