Lesson 26

You’re on the threshold of something special – Closing words

Way back in lesson 1, I started this course with words of encouragement and the statement “Creating your own recordings is easy”.

Now you’d be forgiven, after reading this course in its entirety, for thinking that creating recordings is a little more involved and a little more complicated than I made it out to be at first. Trust me when I say that it only seems that way, and it will only seem that way until you complete your first recording. 

We covered a lot of ground in this course, so if you read it all in one sitting, then you will either be feeling supercharged with enthusiasm, or a little overwhelmed. If the latter is true, then I would like to remind you that this course was divided into three sections and that the first of those is all you need to concern yourself with when you are just getting started. Sweep back over those opening lessons and you’ll realise that the first steps towards the creation of your recording are very easy to take. With that that in mind…

I want to encourage you to get started

Go ahead and write your script, and choose some background music to go with it. I’m sure you won’t have any trouble with that at all. 

Then decide if you want to do your recording at a studio, by yourself, or with the help of a friend. That’s just one decision to make. Easy. Now you’re one third of the way home already!

Get the ball rolling and the rest will follow with ease. Remember, once you reach this point, all the steps that follow can be handled by other people on your behalf if necessary. There are plenty of professionals that specialise in every aspect of the recording and publishing process, and you probably even have friends that can help should the need arise. With this course on hand, and the knowledge that there are always people to whom you can turn for additional help, there’s nothing to stop you from sailing effortlessly through this entire process.

But no-one can write your script or choose your music for you. Those are your first tasks. It’s up to you to get that script written and to make the initial decisions that will put your recording project into motion. Go for it!

I want to encourage you to get it finished

I honestly believe that creating your own recordings is one of the most valuable things you can do with your time and one of the best investments you can make in your future. 

Putting aside the thought of personal reward for a moment, it’s important to remember that by utilising your skills to create recordings that help people, you will not only enhance the effectiveness of the work you do with your own personal clients, but you will also greatly magnify your reach as a therapist, teacher or healer. There is a whole world full of people out there who may come to enjoy and benefit from your creations. Who knows? Your recordings might just turn out to be the most significant thing you ever contribute to humanity. 

Hypnosis and meditation recordings, or indeed any type of recordings that aim to relax, heal and inspire people, are exceptionally gratifying to create. And as time goes by and the number of people listening to your recordings gradually increases, a day may come when you have a rather special realisation…

Christopher at beach smiling

You’ll be doing something mundane, like eating breakfast or driving to work, when all of a sudden it will dawn on you that there are so many people listening to your recordings that someone, somewhere, is probably listening to one of your recordings right in that very moment. You’ll realise that you are helping people all the time, even while you are sleeping.

What a wonderful, heart-warming notion! To be a healing force in this world – someone who plays a beneficial role in the lives of others without effort and without pause, is an exciting and noble ideal. This is the ideal that your recordings will bring to life. 

I really hope you enjoyed this course. Now go and create something wonderful!

Christopher Lloyd Clarke

Christopher Lloyd Clarke
Music composer, course creator and founder of enlightenedaudio.com