Lesson 21

How to produce CDs

Are you sure you want to produce your recording in CD format?

Really? Truly? Did you read the earlier lesson on “CDs vs digital downloads vs streaming. Which formats are right for you?

OK then. If you have decided that CDs are right for you, then let’s move forward.

Having CDs produced is a fairly straightforward process. Once you have your hands on your finalised recording and your album artwork then you are ready to go. 

If you have created your recording at a professional studio and have ordered an “all in one” bundle deal that includes CD production, then you can skip this lesson altogether. But if you have taken a hands-on approach and need to arrange the production and delivery of your own CDs, then the following tips will help to clarify the process.

How to product CDs

Ordering CDs from a duplicator

The traditional approach to ordering CDs is to contact a CD duplicator (an internet search for “CD duplication” will undoubtedly yield dozens of viable results) and then order a box full of CDs. 

The price you will pay for each CD is usually only a dollar or two. Prices will vary depending on options such as:

  • The volume of CDs produced.
  • The type of CD case you use (plastic jewel case vs cardboard fold-out for example).
  • The number of pages in the CD insert (if included). 

Given the fact that most people sell their finished CDs at a price of $10 – $20, the cost of CD production is very easily covered. 

I could just about end this lesson right here. Contact a CD duplicator in your nearest city, provide them with your album artwork and order some CDs. Easy. But there is one CD duplication company that deserves a mention at this point.

CD Baby CD Manufacturing

Do check out CD Baby’s duplication services. They offer a broad range of packaging styles, and they also offer CD artwork design services. Their online quoting system is very comprehensive, and they deliver all over the world in just a matter of days.


CD Baby are not the only company to offer this combination of services, but they do set a good benchmark, so keep them in mind as a comparison point for any other CD production companies you may find.

The joy of a box full of CDs

When you finish your very first recording and that box of CDs arrives at your door, you might find yourself feeling a little bit like a kid at Christmas, tearing open the packaging and rifling around inside with glee. In a world gone digital, there’s something really enjoyable about holding your CDs in your hands and knowing that your creation has taken on a tangible form. The arrival of that box is the mark of a creative project come to its conclusion. A satisfying moment indeed!