Vision Quest

Vision Quest is a musical journey in three parts. The first and last tracks are short and emotionally uplifting. The middle track in this album is very long and has been designed to encourage deep states of relaxation, natural healing and to enhance formal meditation.

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Composer’s Commentary

Track 1: “The Calling” is a very atmospheric track. Spacious, ambient and majestic. With sacred mantra chanting, temple bells, angelic choirs and sweeping orchestral sounds, you are called into attendance – ready to begin your journey within.

Track 2: “The Journey”. While the first and last tracks on this album are emotionally stirring, “The Journey” is not. This music has been designed to encourage deep relaxation and is excellent for inducing hypnagogic states of consciousness. It does this through the use of some interesting musical techniques. Notice that repeating pattern of bell tones? That pattern is an example of what I like to call a “Sonic Mantra” and it forms the backbone of this musical journey. Sonic Mantras are simply mantras that are made from musical notes. They are very hypnotic to listen to, and they also happen to make a wonderful focal point for meditation. Incidentally, these bell tones are from a Tibetan singing bowl.

Frequencies embedded within the music also play a part in slowing your brainwave activity and relaxing you physically, mentally and emotionally. A slow delta wave pulses gently in the low bass range of the music, while deep alpha waves oscillating within the bell sounds help to bring your mind into relaxed focus.

While this music is completely unlooped, it is intentionally repetitive and maintains a consistent musical feel throughout its 55 minute duration.

As you listen to The Journey you may experience altered states of consciousness that can be quite profound. As you sink into an ever deepening state of relaxation, you may feel heavier or lighter. Time may seem to pass more slowly or more quickly. You may also experience moments where you drop into a very deep state and become completely unaware of the music for a while.

Be sure to play this music at a quiet volume. It really only needs to “tickle” your ears to do its job. Headphones are not required, but they may enhance the listening experience for some people.

Track 3: “The Awakening” concludes the album and helps you return to a normal waking state after your long, deep journey within. This ethereal music will uplift your spirit and fill you with a sense of lightness and inspiration. It’s the perfect way to return from a “Vision Quest” and come back to the world with a clear mind and an open heart.

What's included

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