Breathing Light

Breathing Light album artwork

Breathing Light is awash with shimmering chimes and slow moving synthesized instruments that gradually ebb and flow, like the movement of breath in and out of the body. This palette of blissful sounds vividly illustrates the movement of colour and the brilliance of light in musical form.

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My aim for this music was to create something as refreshing as it is relaxing - music that will shower the listener with a sensation of light and openness, clearing away negativity and filling them with a feeling of clarity and peace.

The foundation sounds are soft bass tones layered with washes of bright synth pads and plenty of processed chimes which add lustre and light to the music. I've also played wandering melodies with a bell sound. This bell sound is featured throughout the recording, but I've allowed plently of space between each musical phrase. This allows the music to blend really well with a voice recording - so you'll get a really nice interplay between your words and the music when using it in the background of any type of guided relaxation recording.

Listen at a quiet volume, close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. It is my sincere hope that this music will be as enjoyable and relaxing for you to listen to as it was for me to create.