In the Wake of a Dream is a gentle musical journey that unfolds in the most unhurried and uncomplicated way, like waking up on a Sunday morning after a long sleep, with vague memories of the night’s dreams still drifting about in your mind. This is musical storytelling at its best – a tranquil journey that owes much of its grace to the breathy beauty of an alto concert flute. The inclusion of a free "Deep Sleep Loop" also makes this music very adaptable to your personal needs.


Inner Sanctum is a profoundly relaxing journey in two parts. Track 1 "Tranquil Chambers" is a soothing blend of meandering piano melodies, hypnotic chordal pads, synthesized sounds and silky choirs. Track 2 "The Core" is very slow moving and has a truly expansive, profound atmosphere. These two tracks flow together as part of a seamless musical experience, but each has its own distinct atmosphere and may be used separately.


The heartwarming, ethereal and serene sound of choirs in a gigantic cathedral. This composition moves very slowly and gently, and never strays too far from its main theme. So restful. So calming. Letting Go creates a space that you can sink right into.


Mystic Dawn has an enchanting, mystical atmosphere. It is a very textural, multi layered composition with an organic, dreamy vibe. It's very comforting, very nurturing. This is the kind of music you can play for hours on end and just sink into. Magic time.


No music – just the soothing sound of slowly swirling white noise that gently absorbs your attention without prompting any particular emotional response. In this way, Pure White helps to sweep away mental clutter and leave you with a quiet, open mind that is primed for altered states of consciousness like meditation, hypnosis and sleep. Please listen at a quiet volume.


Like the nature of mind itself, Untold Depths is without borders, without defined structure, without limitation. This soothing, imaginative soundscape provides just enough stimulation to absorb the attention of the listener and draw them into a deeply relaxed state, but not so much stimulation that it ever becomes distracting. In this way, Untold Depths will be deeply satisfying to anyone who wishes to enjoy a truly deep meditative journey. Listen quietly with headphones for a transcendent experience.


Wandering In The Warmth is a quieting arrangement of chord progressions that slowly blur from one to the next, gently massaging the mind and soothing one’s nerves. It is a perfect complement to hypnosis, or for any media production that requires deeply relaxing music that has no emotional highs or lows.