How people use our music

These are just a few examples of how and why people use our royalty free music. For full details on what you can and can't do with our music, please click here to review our music license.



Teri is a hypnotherapist
Teri mixed some of our royalty free hypnosis music with a recording of her voice to create a deliciously relaxing guided journey for relieving anxiety. She gives all her patients a copy of the recording as part of their care program. She also distributes her recording on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon and other streaming platforms too. Teri can sell an unlimited number of copies of her recording without ever having to pay us another cent. That's the beauty of "royalty free" music.

Yoga Instructor

Serena is a yoga instructor (and a bit of a showoff)
Serena purchased some tracks from our royalty free meditation music selection and put together a playlist for her yoga classes. Her students love the relaxing music she plays and now she is now planning to use some of her royalty free music to create an instructional yoga video.

Luis and Maria create guided meditations for their YouTube channel
Luis and Maria’s story is one that we hear more and more often these days. Their first YouTube video was just a fun experiment, but it was so well received that people started subscribing to their channel by the thousands. They now have dozens of meditations on YouTube. Their channels has hundreds of thousands of followers and they now enjoy a substantial additional income from the ad revenue that their videos generate.
Reiki Master

Claudia is a massage therapist and Reiki master
She also runs a meditation retreat and is a stress management expert who consults with corporate clients. Claudia uses our royalty free meditation music to relax her clients during consultations and she uses the same music in her own guided meditation recordings. CDs of Claudia's meditations are always available at the counter of her clinic so that clients can take some of Claudia's magic home with them.

Software Development

Stephan is a software developer.
Stephan recently incorporated our music into a rather clever iPhone app. The app allows users to choose one of ten guided meditation journeys, and choose one of ten background music tracks to play along with it. The guided meditations were even recorded by both male and female narrators, so the end user has a lot of control over how their meditation sounds. Stephen purchased the music on behalf of his client, who can now sell an unlimited number of copies of their app without paying any music licensing fees ever again.


Want to know if your intended use of our music is allowed?
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