How to provide a credit

All the music at Enlightened Audio was created by Christopher Lloyd Clarke and we ask that you credit him properly (except when it is technically unfeasible to do so).


How to publish a credit

CD / DVD Credit
Simply publish a written credit on the CD/DVD insert and/or on the back cover.

a. (Title of Music) by Christopher Lloyd Clarke. Licensed by Enlightened Audio.
Or if multiple tracks have been used:
b. Music by Christopher Lloyd Clarke. Licensed by Enlightened Audio.

MP3 / Digital Download Credit
Simply add the name "Christopher Lloyd Clarke" to the meta-tag for the composer. Please do not add Christopher's name to the "Artist" tag. If you have created a spoken word recording with Christopher's music, then you are the artist, and Christopher is the composer.

YouTube Video Credit
If you use the music in a YouTube video, you must add a credit in the video description that lists the names of the tracks you used and a link to Christopher Lloyd Clarke's personal website. For example:

a. (Title of Music) by Christopher Lloyd Clarke. Licensed by Enlightened Audio.

Please note: From time to time YouTube may send you copyright notifications which indicates that a copyright claim has been applied to your video. These notifications are quite common and they can be resolved very easily. This handy article will show you how:

Film / TV Production Credit
Please mention the title(s) of the songs you used and Christopher Lloyd Clarke's name in the closing credits.

App Credit
We understand that it may not be possible to add a credit within the limited space of your app. If so, you do not need to provide a credit.


Thank you for your support. I wish you wonderful success with everything you create with my music!  

Christopher Lloyd Clarke at the beach

Christopher Lloyd Clarke
Composer and Director of Enlightened Audio