How to Create Professional Hypnosis & Meditation Recordings

If you wish to create high quality hypnosis or meditation recordings then this ebook will be your guiding light. Written in a friendly and easy to read style, this is the definitive guide for every therapist and healer.

How to create professional hypnosis & meditation recordings ebook


This ebook will help you to:
Demystify the world of recording and audio production.
Save on costs at every stage in the recording and publication process.
Create high quality recordings that earn you respect and open up new opportunities.
Enhance your credibility and status as a professional in your field.
Reach more people with your work.
Greatly improve the effectiveness of treatments that you offer to clients.
Generate substantial additional income



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About this book

Authored by Christopher Lloyd Clarke B.Sc, Msc.D, music composer and director of Enlightened Audio, this ebook has been specifically tailored to the needs of professional hypnotherapists, meditation teachers and those who work in healing and educational professions.

This is not simply a technical manual. It covers so much more than recording techniques alone. As Christopher himself writes, “…only a moderate portion of this book is dedicated to subjects like “how to use a microphone” or “how to mix your voice recording with music”. There are many other things that will happen before and after you take care of the recording process and those are the areas in which this book will probably provide the most insight.”

For example, this book will help you with script writing, creative development and selecting suitable background music. It will help you make critical decisions with confidence and we are quite sure that it will answer a lot of questions that you haven’t even thought to ask yet.

You’ll also learn how to record your voice with your own equipment, you’ll quickly master professional narration techniques and in a special audio supplement you’ll develop listening skills that will enable you to produce recordings to a very high standard.

Finally you will learn everything you need to know about selling and distributing your recordings, both in CD format and as digital downloads. You’ll be walked through the process of publishing your recordings on your own website and given specific instructions on how to get your recordings listed on iTunes, Amazon and all the other major online music stores.  

Along the way you’ll discover innumerable cost and time saving tips, and most importantly, Christopher describes all sorts of production techniques that help to make hypnosis and meditation recordings more enjoyable and more effective. There are some real gems to be found here.

A personal message from the author, Christopher Lloyd Clarke

As a composer of music for deep relaxation, I've worked hand in hand with a wide variety of therapists and healers over the years. Many of them would come to me with questions such as:

“Should I record myself at home, or is it better to go to a professional studio?”
“Should I even bother to make a recording? Is there a decent market for hypnosis and meditation recordings?”
“What's kind of microphone should I get to record my voice?”
"Should I fade out the music right after I finish speaking, or let it play on for a while?"
“Should I produce CDs with my recording, or just sell digital downloads?”

These are the kinds of questions led to the formation of this book. It's a resource that has been specifically tailored to the needs of those who work as healers, guides, counsellors and therapists.

I had originally planned to sell this ebook, but it felt so good to give it away for free that I just couldn't stop myself. Creating recordings that help people is one of the most satisfying and fulfilling things you can do with your time, so my reward is that through this book I am able to play a part in the development and fulfilment of your wonderful work. If your recordings will help people to find inner peace, to live life to the fullest, to overcome personal difficulties or to heal, then you are involved in very special work. Sacred work. And let me tell you, when people start contacting you to tell you how much your recordings have helped them…well it will totally make your day.

Christopher Lloyd ClarkeChristopher Lloyd Clarke
Author, composer and director of Enlightened Audio


Subjects Covered (chapter listing)

1.    About the Author
2.    Introduction

Section 1:  Pre-recording preparation
3.    Why now is the best time ever to create hypnosis & meditation recordings
4.    Financial rewards and other benefits
5.    How to prepare your written script
6.    Selecting background music for your recording
7.    CDs vs digital downloads: which format is right for you?
8.    Recording your voice: professional studio or do it yourself?

Section 2: Recording and audio production techniques
9.    Recording at a professional studio
10.    How to recording yourself with your own equipment
11.    Professional narration techniques
12.    The recording process
13.    Editing your recording for a professional sound
14.    Finalizing your recording

Section 3: Publishing your recording
15.    Album artwork and graphic design for your recording
16.    How to produce CDs
17.    How to prepare your MP3 audio for the internet
18.    How to get your recording on iTunes and Amazon (and all the rest)
19.    How to sell your recording on your own website
20.    Copyright basic: Understanding the law and protecting your work
21.    Closing words