Mystic Dawn

Mystic Dawn has an enchanting, mystical atmosphere. It’s a very textural, multi layered composition with an organic, dreamy vibe. It's very comforting. Very nurturing. This is the kind of music you can play for hours on end and just sink into. Magic time.

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The foundation sound in Mystic Dawn is a deep drone that provides the music with a feeling of weight and warmth. It’s a very organic sound, rich with layers of complex, moving harmonics that have a subtle mind-numbing effect. Floating effortlessly above these deeper tones are delicate, airy choirs intermingled with the twinkling sound of an electric piano. You’ll also hear a variety of other textures, highlights and transition effects, like sweeping breathe-like sounds and glittering chimes.

This palette of sounds works really well together to release the mind from analytical thinking and has a very calming effect.

Although there are no emotional highs or lows to be found in Mystic Dawn, the music repeatedly cycles through progressions that gently build and release, conveying a sense of occasion and even inducing feelings of euphoria from time to time. My intuitive sense is that this music could also be quite effective as a natural pain reliever. It seems to have a softening effect on the nervous system. It is quite nurturing. This is music that you can retreat into – the kind of music that starts to feel like “home” the more you listen to it.

Those who work as physical therapists or energy healers may find that this music adds another dimension to their treatments. I had you in mind as I created this music.

Those thinking of using this music in the background of a guided meditation are in for a treat. Just wait until you hear how those electric piano sounds dance around your words.

Mystic Dawn is based on a main theme that lasts for about 15 minutes, but I have also prepared longer versions of 30 minutes and 60 minutes that include subtle variations to keep the music interesting without straying too far from the main theme.

A clever tip for voiceover artists

If you plan to use Mystic Dawn as background music in one of your recordings, try spacing out your narration a little to give the music more room to mingle with your words. You may be surprised as to how this changes the overall feel of your recording. You'll find that certain musical events seem to "accidentally" land in the perfect place - highlighting particular words or filling the space between sentences in just the right way. Mystic Dawn is full of little interesting moments, so by spacing out your narration you'll achieve a deeper synergy between your voice and the music, and a more magical experience for all your listeners.

Comments on the accompanying track, "Mystic Dawn - Awakening".

A delightful composition in its own right, this upbeat track was designed to be used towards the end of guided meditation and hypnosis recordings to help bring your listeners back to a wakeful state of consciousness. The music starts gently and then slowly gathers momentum and energy. It has a positive and emotionally inspiring atmosphere that will add a touch of class to any spoken word recording and help your listener to end on a high note.

To use this final track during the "return" or "awakening" stage of your recording, I suggest that you simply fade out the music of Mystic Dawn at any point, while fading in the Awakening track. There's room for the two tracks to overlap if you like. They are both in the same musical key and use many of the same instruments, so the progression from one to the next will always sound natural.