Mystical Marshland

Mystical Marshland album artwork

In the minutes just prior to sunrise this marshland is abuzz with animal activity. This unusual recording features four different species of frogs, all doing their best to outcroak one another. Frog sounds dominate this recording and they continue throughout, while native birds add their song occasionally. 

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I was very lucky to capture this recording in such pristine conditions. By pristine, I mean QUIET. At 4am this place was utterly windless and free from any extraneous noises that might spoil the recording. And by lucky, I mean that just 90 minutes after I arrived, a nearby field full of cows erupted into an entirely disruptive chorus of excited mooing.

Being up and about at 4am on a cold morning in a wet marshland is not my idea of a perfect day, but it was a great adventure. Thank God for Land Rovers.