New Angelic Music Releases

I'm very happy to announce two new music releases today, both of which are 50% off until Thursday October 22. By some strange "coincidence", both releases have the word "Angel" in their titles, even though they were composed 10 years apart. 

Let's dive right in and get to know them both.


All Loving Angel

Divinely inspired and deeply relaxing, All Loving Angel is a musical experience that feels as though it’s coming from a higher realm, reaching down into your life like a “musical blessing”. This long playing music works exceedingly well in the background of guided meditation recordings and it also adds the most wonderful ambiance to live relaxation therapies and healing treatments. This beautiful music has been added to our royalty free angelic music and royalty free meditation music collections.

I've also released an additional "Awakening" track that can be used to help bring your listeners back to a wakeful state of consciousness. It’s very sweet, very honest music that makes for a wonderful conclusion to any kind of relaxation recording. 
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Angel's Lament

Angel’s Lament is one of my earlier compositions but it has not been available to purchase until now. This brief track is a little melancholy, but it rises to a high point in such a lovely way that it has always drawn very impassioned feedback. So after more than a few requests I finally agreed to remaster it and release it with a royalty free license for the first time. 
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