New Royalty Free Healing Music - Heaven and Earth Subtle Edition

At the request of a number of healers, I have released a “Subtle Edition” of the album “Heaven and Earth”. This reimagined version provides an even more gentle musical experience than the original album - a soothing pillow of sound that can you can use in your own meditation and hypnosis recordings to encourage very deep states of relaxation. 

Listen now 

Heaven and Earth can be quite enveloping experience. It may make you feel very heavy, it can lead to emotional releases, and if you are in need of healing it will encourage you to take the rest you need. 

I have quite a bit to say about this music, so be sure to read my comments and also the feedback from the Healing Center that first requested this peaceful royalty free healing music. 

Both versions of Heaven and Earth are also available with binaural beats (for those who prefer music that includes brainwave entrainment frequencies).  

Click here to explore Heaven and Earth
Click here to explore Heaven and Earth with binaural beats
I hope you love the music of Heaven and Earth and that it inspires you to create something beautiful!