New royalty free hypnosis music - Adrift Volume 2

Exactly four years ago I released the album "Adrift" - an album that went on to become one of my most popular compositions of all time. It's always been a strong favourite with hypnotherapists who prefer very subtle background music that doesn't take centre stage or become a distraction for their patients.

Adrift Volume 2 follows in the same tradition but has a slightly deeper and warmer overall sound. Like the original version, Volume 2 is an incredibly gentle musical journey that helps to dissolves analytical thinking processes while opening the mind to dreaming and subconscious exploration. The music is not particularly happy or sad, it simply provides a lovely soft pillow of sound that mixes beautifully into spoken word recordings and provides the most serene atmosphere to live therapeutic treatments.

Both Adrift Volume 2 and the original Adrift are half price until midnight November 30, 2015. This is a great opportunity to get your hands on two of my most popular royalty free hypnosis music creations for the price of one.

Adrift Volume 2In addition to the main music of Adrift Volume 2, I have also released an "Awakening" track that can be used to help bring your listeners back from a state of deep relaxation to a wakeful state of consciousness. It’s a heartwarming composition featuring pianos, flutes and tuned bells. The Awakening track is more emotional than the main music of Adrift and it will really add a touch of class to hypnosis and meditation recordings.