New royalty free hypnotic music

I have just released a very relaxing new composition called "Mystic Dawn - Subtle Edition". This Subtle Edition complements the original version of Mystic Dawn but is even more gentle and dreamy. Whereas the original version was listed only as "royalty free meditation music" this new Subtle Edition is subtle and dreamy enough to be included in our collection of royalty free hypnosis music too. It's fantastic music for deep meditations, as a sleep aid or as hypnosis background music. 

Mystic Dawn - Hypnotic Music Album Design 
I created this music in response to a fabulous request from one of YouTube’s most popular meditation creators, Rick Clarke (The Honest Guys who described the original version of Mystic Dawn like this:  

"…it has become one of my most favourite pieces of your work. It's so descriptive and otherworldly, so Vangelis-esque, it gives me goose bumps every time I hear it!”  

Rick had a great idea which I was very happy to fulfil… 

“I was wondering whether it might be within the realms of possibility for you to make available an "underscore" version of it, that does not include the electric piano parts?  In my humble opinion, I honestly believe this would make it quite possibly the most perfect piece of relaxation music I would have ever heard to-date.”

Rick certainly had high expectations, so I was very happy (and relieved) to receive his feedback after working on this music over the course of a few months… 

“Wow! Fantastic! Smoother than silk with a butterscotch topping! It takes you to a whole new level of calm.”
Butterscotch ice cream musicThis is officially the first time someone has used the word “butterscotch topping” to describe my music. As someone with a very sweet tooth, I wholeheartedly approve. 

Bundles and discounts now available. Mystic Dawn now consists of three parts.

1. The original version
2. The Subtle Edition and,
3. The "Awakening" track (which has just been freshly remastered).

Discounted bundles that include all three tracks are now available for the first time. 

In addition, this music is also available with the addition of binaural beats for those who prefer brainwave entrainment audio.