New Royalty Free Spiritual Music - Astral Voices

Astral Voices is an evocative composition featuring angelic vocals from another realm. This royalty free music includes spacious breath-like sounds, celestial chimes, Tibetan singing bowls and a deep pulsing drone. It’s a genuinely unique musical experience. Three different editions of the music make it very versatile and present three different atmospheres; from sleepy minimalistic drones to luminous ethereal vistas. Lastly, this collection is complemented by a standalone “Breathing Loop” which can be used as a tool to encourage a slow, meditative breathing rhythm. This new album is a beautiful addition to our collection of royalty free meditation music albums and is available now.

Please listen at a quiet volume with your eyes closed...

Astral Voices ArtworkI hope you relish this new music. I've had some wonderful meditations while listening to Astral Voices and I can only hope that you and those with whom you share it will experience something similar! 

Christopher Lloyd Clarke
Composer and Director of Enlightened Audio