New white noise music released - Pure White

I'm very happy to announce the launch of "Pure White".

Pure White features the sound of slowly swirling white noise which I have sculpted in a way that is very hypnotic to experience. At a quiet volume the sound absorbs your attention without prompting any particular emotional response - it simply sweeps away mental clutter and leaves you with a quiet, open mind that is primed for altered states of consciousness like meditation, hypnosis and sleep. This kind of music for hypnotherapy that is very subtle, but can have a very powerful effect on one's state of mind.

I've crafted two versions of Pure White in a variety of durations, along with brainwave entrainment versions that also include Gamma frequencies. Here are some quick links to the natural version of Pure White, and the Brainwave Entraiment version:

Pure White artwork


Gamma frequencies - new to Enlightened Audio


Until now, I have only ever offered Alpha, Theta and Delta frequency options in my brainwave entrainment music productions, but I've been receiving an ever increasing number of requests for music with gamma frequencies. I'm always listening closely to my customers so from this point forward I intend to produce gamma frequency versions whenever I release new brainwave entrainment music. Pure White is the first of these offerings and over time I will also be releasing gamma frequency versions of many of my existing albums too.

Gamma waves are the fastest brainwave frequency. Gamma brain waves are believed to link and process information from all other parts of the brain. A high amount of gamma wave activity in the brain is associated with intelligence, compassion, focus and feelings of happiness. High levels of gamma brain waves have also been linked to improved memory and an increased sensitivity to sensory input. Low amounts of gamma brainwave activity have been linked to learning difficulties, poor memory and impaired mental processing.

For more in-depth information about the benefits and uses of brainwave entrainment music, feel free to check out this article:
I hope you really enjoy the sounds of Pure White. I've been meditating with this album for a couple of years now and only thought to release it on a royalty free basis after I was prompted by a customer.

Like I said, I'm always listening.

With warm wishes and musical hugs,

Christopher Lloyd Clarke
Composer & Director of Enlightened Audio