This natural woodland soundscape was recorded on a windless afternoon in early spring. To my delight, a wide variety of bird species had congregated in this location, their lively behaviour resulting in this colourful birdsong recording. The long duration of this loop will provide you with a wide palette of atmospheric bird sounds that, unlike shorter loops, will never become repetitive. Blend it in at a quiet volume to add a touch of magic to your media productions.


Tranquil Forest Birdsong is a rare gem of a recording. The sound quality is fantastic and the friendly song of these birds echoing through the trees creates a wonderful sense of space and serenity. The three-minute duration of this loop provides you with a good length of material so you can use it to create a sustained natural soundscape that won't sound looped.


This lovely soundscape was captured on the fringe of a protected nature reserve. The ocean waves have a soft tonality as I was positioned about 50 metres back from the beach, but the forest birdsong is clear and present. While listening to the birds you should be able to hear a lovely natural forest echo. That's a real forest ambience - no artificial reverberation was added to this recording. They are such happy, friendly sounding little fellows, aren't they?

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