Whalesong Serenade 2 – Into the Light

Similar to Whalesong Serenade 1 “Into the Deep”, Whalesong Serenade 2 is very spacious, uncluttered and slow in tempo, but has more emphasis on lighter sounds like crystalline electric pianos and textured synth pads that impart a sensation of upward elevation and floating.

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This album is available in two versions. The original version features humpback whale recordings generously supplied by The Oceania Project of Byron Bay, Australia. The “Quiet Seas Edition” is exactly the same music, but without whale sounds.

The Complete Collection includes these 2 tracks and is 40% cheaper than purchasing each individual track:

  1. The 60 minute version of Into the Light
  2. The 60 minute version of Into the Light – Quiet Seas Edition

This music is also available with brainwave entrainment frequencies. Click here to explore.

Also available: Whalesong Serenade 1: Into the Deep

Composer’s Commentary

7 years has passed since I first released Whalesong Serenade 1, Into the Deep. That original album always had a very special place in my heart, and for this reason I wanted to be sure that part 2, “Into the Light”, would be just as special. I never imagined that it would take so long for this to happen!

When it comes to creative endeavours like music composition, sometimes inspiration does not arrive on schedule and life seemed to have plenty of plans for me that didn’t include music composition.

I knew that if I wanted to recapture the magic of Whalesong Serenade 1, I would simply have to be patient and wait for the right time.

To me, this is what it means to have integrity as a musician. It means having the self-awareness to know when creative magic is flowing, and when it is not. It means being willing to throw out a composition and move on if it doesn’t give me goosebumps. It means never rushing, just to get the job done.

7 years passed by, but eventually the magic flowed, and the goosebumps arrived.

“Into the Light” seeks to suspend you in a state of light, ethereal bliss. This music is exceptionally carefree and innocent – gently playful and happy.

If you are seeking music for deep hypnosis or sleep meditations this might not be your first choice, however it can be used as a magical prelude to these deeper states, or for meditation journeys that require music that has some personality and character to dance with your words.

Comments on the Quiet Seas Edition

As beautiful as they are to hear, I realise that some people will prefer to enjoy this music without the sound of whales “wailing” (please excuse the pun). For you, I have created a “Quiet Seas Edition”. These features the original music and the sound of ocean waves, but without any whale or dolphin sounds at all.

What's included

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