The Sleeping Giant

The Sleeping Giant Album Art

The sublime, sleepy sound of a gigantic Tibetan singing bowl is captured in this simple but powerful recording. Intentionally repetitive, this album is perfect for busy minds that need help focusing for meditation or falling asleep. This hypnotic sound was created with nothing more than a single singing bowl, struck repeatedly with a soft padded mallet, with no other instrumentation of any kind. 

Important - play me quietly. 

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Bigger is not always better, but sometimes the only way to get a truly deep sound is to GO LARGE! 

What makes this particular singing bowl so soothing is not only it’s size, which lends great depth to the sound, but also the fact that it is played very gently. Soft strikes with a padded mallet cause the bowl to sing without overly exciting its higher harmonics. The result is a plump, drowsy sound that is wonderful for meditation or for use as a sleep aid. 

It’s important that you play this recording quietly, and preferably on (a) headphones or (b) speakers that are large enough to properly reproduce these deep tones. Play it too loud and you will not only overwhelm your audience, your speakers may not cope very well either.  Gently does it. 

You’ll notice that I begin this recording with some sparkling chimes. I added these chimes for decorative purposes, but they also have an important secondary purpose. This purpose is to give you the chance to assess the volume of playback before the first bowl-strike takes place. This way, you won’t ever be taken by surprise by a loud booming sound if you accidentally have your volume set very high.

I myself have spent many hours in blissful meditation listening to this beautiful sound - I just had to share it with you! I hope you relish it!