In Spiritus (In the Spirit)

In Spiritus album artwork

Angelic choirs blended with soft, slow-moving synthesized sounds and sprinkled with ethereal chimes. This deeply spiritual music is interspersed with subtle, hypnotic interludes and occasionally visited by a soulful Bulgarian piccolo flute. In Spiritus is very gentle, but there is also an element of grandeur to this music – it’s almost cinematic at times. Quiet spaces slowly fill with angelic choirs that swell and bloom into glorious crescendos that will melt your heart. This is emotional music, and should you find yourself weeping as you listen - if you lose yourself in that special place between sorrow and ecstatic joy - then it’s doing its job.

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When I create relaxation music, a gentle dreamy atmosphere is usually my primary goal and more often than not I will avoid introducing emotional highs and lows. But with In Spiritus, I wanted to introduce some real emotional depth. To do this I have used rather emotive chord progressions and regularly build the music to a peak with crescendos. There are real moments of elation to be experienced here.

In Spiritus music can be emotionally stirring at times, but the palette of instruments I've used - choirs, gentle bell sounds, flutes and chimes, are so gentle that the music is never anything less than completely relaxing. There's room to breath, and plenty of quiet moments that give you the chance to sink deeper and deeper into the music.

Music that is simultaneously relaxing and emotive can really loosen up the emotions of the listener and help them to "let go". Tears of sorrow, tears of joy, unexpected laughter and elation may all bubble to the surface while listening to In Spiritus. This serene, angelic music may give you the feeling that you are in the presence of a higher power, and in those special moments it's only natural for your heart to open wide. That is the purpose of this music.