Store Credit Discount Packs

The best way to save at Enlightened Audio is to purchase a Discount Pack. These packs pre-fund your account with a very generous amount of extra store credit that you can use whenever you like. More information.

Tier 1 Discount Pack

Your store credit
$450.00 USD

$289.00 USD

Tier 2 Discount Pack

Your store credit
$1,000.00 USD

$499.00 USD

Tier 3 Discount Pack

Your store credit
$2,250.00 USD

$899.00 USD

How do store credits work?

When you purchase a Discount Pack, funds are immediately added to your account in the form of store credits. Each Discount Pack provides you with bonus credits, so the amount of store credit you receive will always be much more than what you actually pay. 

You can then use your store credits to purchase music right away, and/or you can come back whenever you like to purchase music using your credit balance.

In other words, Discount Packs are most flexible and cost-effective way to purchase music from Enlightened Audio.


Do I have to purchase store credits to buy music?

No. You don’t have to purchase store credits in order to buy music from Enlightened Audio. You can simply browse our music collection, buy the music you want and pay full price if you prefer. This is the right thing to do if you are sure that you will never need more than 1 or 2 music tracks. But if you would like take advantage of the huge discounts we offer, and if you think you will need more than 1 or 2 of our music titles over time, then our Discount Packs are definitely the most sensible option.


How do I check my store credit balance?

To check your credit balance simply log in, then click on the "Account" link at the top of the site and select "My store credit".


Do my credits expire?

No. Your credits are yours to use whenever you choose, so the cost of our music will be cheaper for you at all times. You can use your discounted store credit to purchase music from our current collection and you can also use it to purchase new music that we release in future.


What happens if my store credit gets low?

If your credits are running low, you can either top up your account with more credits, or just purchase music using whatever credits you have left and pay for the balance. For example, if you wanted to spend $100 on music but only had $75 of store credit remaining, you would simply make a payment of $25.


Can I purchase discounted store credits and use them to buy music for another person?

Provided that you create a new account at Enlightened Audio on behalf of each person you purchase music for, yes, you may purchase a store credit discount pack and use it to buy music for another person. Each person must have their own user account and their own store credits. You cannot create an account for yourself, purchase discounted store credits and then use those credits to purchase music for multiple clients. More information on licensing music for clients can be found here.