Wandering in the Warmth

Wandering in the Warmth album artwork

Wandering In The Warmth is a quieting arrangement of chord progressions that slowly blur from one to the next, gently massaging the mind and soothing one’s nerves. It is a perfect complement to hypnosis, or for any media production that requires deeply relaxing music that has no emotional highs or lows.

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It will come as no surprise to you that I often slip into a nice, deep state of relaxation when I compose this kind of music. I always take it as a good sign when this happens and I take note of how deep I go, and how fast.

The first thing I want to tell you about this music is that Wandering In The Warmth took me into a deep state faster than anything I’ve composed before. My hands came to rest on the keyboard and in less than 2 minutes I had slipped into the most profound state of wholeness and quiet. Much of this music flowed from me in one sitting, and very few revisions were made between that first sitting and what you hear now.

This shift in my state of mind was so sudden and so deep that it made a real impression on me. Even as I write about it now, the memory of that experience starts to bring back wonderful feelings of relaxation all over again, and it gives me confidence that this music will be of great therapeutic benefit to many people.

This music is quite subdued, both in terms of its tonality and its melody. It’s very gentle on the ears, it’s very slow in tempo and it contains no conspicuous instrumentation or distracting changes in theme. What you hear in the preview track is an excellent representation of what this entire music production is like.

If there is any complexity to be found in this music, it’s in the harmonic structure of some of the deeper tones where I have often used chord spacings that are tighter than is usual for the lower registers of a musical composition.  I’ve also allowed some chords to overlap - bleeding into one another in ways that create complex harmonics that have a subtle tranquilizing effect on the mind. It’s difficult for me to describe this musical effect, and even harder to quantify it without using thoroughly uninspiring terms like “phase cancellation” (I can just about hear you snoring already). In any case, understanding this intellectually is not nearly as important as experiencing it first-hand.

So please don’t attempt an analysis. Don't let my long-winded description cause you to over think things. Let go of your rational mind, close your eyes and listen. This comforting music will wrap itself around you, keep you warm and lead you to a place of quiet repose and retreat from the outer world.
I’ll meet you there.