Letting Go

Letting Go Album Artwork

The heartwarming, ethereal and serene sound of choirs in a gigantic cathedral. This composition moves very slowly and gently, and never strays too far from its main theme. So restful. So calming. Letting Go creates a space that you can sink right into.

This music is also available with binaural beats. Click here for more information and previews.

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Letting Go is a composition that was created in response to a request from Jason Morton, a meditation teacher otherwise known as "Guru J" to his friends and followers. He asked me for some "really gentle background music that I can use during hypnosis with my clients".

Jason was very specific about wanting to keep the music free of bells, pianos or complex orchestration. The music had to be simple, but it had to have soul.

I wanted to create some really special relaxation music for Jason and so I resolved to create a composition that one might regard as "the most gentle music imaginable". A lofty goal that required a great deal of restraint on my part - restraint from my tendency to be a little showy and overpopulate the music with more variations and instruments than are needed.

"Less is more" was my mantra during the development of this music, and after many hours of meditating at the keyboard, Letting Go was born.

Letting Go has gone on to become one of my most popular compositions. It is still favoured by many hypnotherapists and meditation teachers, and it graces the airwaves within many natural healing centers around the world.

And as for Jason, he was happy to report that "I have people relaxing faster & those that would bounce up/out of trance  do it much less & stay in longer. I have made a few custom mp3's for clients of their sessions & they swear by it."


This soothing music consists of a main theme that lasts for about 15 minutes. I’ve also prepared longer versions of 30 minutes and 60 minutes duration which continue this theme and maintain the same atmosphere as the shorter version.