New Royalty Free Meditation Music with Whales and Ocean Sounds

It is my sincere pleasure to announce the release of "Whalesong Serenade 2: Into the Light", along with new content for "Whalesong Serenade 1: Into the Deep". 

I have really taken my time with these new compositions and poured my heart into them! This music is very pure and innocent. It is spacious, uncluttered and slow in tempo, with an emphasis on lighter sounds like crystalline electric pianos and textured synth pads that impart a sensation of upward elevation and floating. I'm very proud to provide these royalty free meditation music compositions to Enlightened Audio. 
 Whalesong Serenade Music Album Cover

"Whale-free" versions are available now also

I realise that some people will prefer to enjoy this music without the sound of whales “wailing” (please excuse the terrible pun). For this reason I have released this music in two editions... 

The original editions features the sound of humpback whales. The “Quiet Seas Editions” feature the same music, but without whale sounds. 
I have also released a "Quiet Seas Edition" of Whalesong Serenade 1: Into the Deep, without the sound of whales or dolphins. The ocean sounds remain, but animal sounds are absent. 

Click here for Whalesong Serenade 1:

Click here for Whalesong Serenade 2:

The End of the Whalesong Journey

This completes my work on the Whalesong Serenade series. There are now 2 parts available (Into the Deep and Into the Light) in various durations, with and without whale sounds. Each album is also available with binaural beats too.