New royalty free piano music and nature sounds

I have some very tranquil music to share with you, along with some fresh nature sounds - some of my best work ever. As always, I have discounted these new releases for a short time.

"Pure of Heart - Tranquil Forest Edition" is a combination of soothing piano music and nature sounds. I added the original "Pure of Heart" to our royalty free meditation music collection a few years ago. It's an extremely slow, gentle and touching musical experience. The addition of nature sounds simply adds a new dimension of tranquility to it. I hope you find it as relaxing as I do.

Pure of Heart Artwork

I have also released the raw nature sounds that I used to enhance Pure of Heart. This 3 minute loop is titled, "Tranquil Forest Birdsong".

Tranquil Forest Birdsong ArtworkI'm very proud of these nature sounds. It can be VERY hard work recording good quality nature sounds (but very rewarding too). I have traveled thousands of kilometers in many field recording expeditions and every time I do I know that I might end up coming home with nothing. It takes a lot of patience to find places where good nature sounds are on offer, and once found, I have to wait until there's very little wind or rain or man-made noises. Even in the most remote locations, a perfect recording can be ruined by sounds like an airplane passing by, the harsh screeching of an unwanted bird or the sound of me shooing away mosquitoes as I sweat it out on a hot summer day in the middle of nowhere!

It's all worth it in the end. Tranquil Forest Birdsong is a rare gem of a recording which I treasure. The sound quality is fantastic and there’s a wonderful sense of space and serenity in this recording. The friendly song of these birds echoing through the the trees invokes feelings of positivity, tranquility and a real appreciation of nature. I've also created a second version of this forest soundscape that includes insects, giving the recording more of a "summertime" sound.

Both the original version of Pure of Heart and the new Tranquil Forest Birdsong Edition are 40% off until Tuesday March 28, 2017. Likewise, both versions of Tranquil Forest Birdsong are 40% off as well. 

I dearly hope that you love this new music and nature sounds and I hope you find some great ways to put my creations to good use.

Christopher Lloyd Clarke
Composer & Director of Enlightened Audio