Inner Sanctum is a profoundly relaxing journey in two parts. Track 1 "Tranquil Chambers" is a soothing blend of meandering piano melodies, hypnotic chordal pads, synthesized sounds and silky choirs. Track 2 "The Core" is very slow moving and has a truly expansive, profound atmosphere. These two tracks flow together as part of a seamless musical experience, but each has its own distinct atmosphere and may be used separately.


Deliciously relaxing and emotionally expressive, Pure of Heart is an elegant piano composition that will soothe your mind and encourage a state of open heartedness. The music is slow in tempo and very gentle, but it’s certainly not bland. Pure of Heart has real depth of feeling. As you listen you’ll find yourself drifting through the music as it flows gracefully from one progression to the next. Sometimes quiet and contemplative, sometimes touching and emotive. Always the music is peaceful and poised.


Electric piano and a delicate flute take center stage in Quietude, mingling with each other and wandering about in a carefree, light-hearted way.

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