New royalty free relaxation music - Quietude

I'm very excited to announce the re-launch of Quietude, which I have now expanded to include a new "Subtle Edition" and an Awakening track.

Quietude has always been one of my most popular royalty free meditation music compositions, particularly among massage therapists,  energy healers and yoga instructors. This interesting music encourages "bio-rhythmic relaxation" - it will gently reduce your heart rate and breathing rate and you may even feel a sense of euphoria as your nervous system relaxes and your body increases its production of endorphins.

The addition of a Subtle Edition really expands the usefulness of this music into other areas such as hypnosis and sleep meditations. Please click here to read my in-depth commentary.

Quietude album artAll versions of Quietude are 35% off until Wednesday February 8, 2017.

I have also created a special value collection that is 55% off. This collection includes...

1. The 60 minute version of Quietude.
2. The 60 minute version of the Subtle Edition.
3. The Awakening track.

Purchased separately these 3 albums would normally cost $230 AUD (Approx $177 USD) but with a 55% discount they are available for $103 AUD (Approx $79 USD).

To purchase the collection, please add the collection to your cart (adding the individual items separately will not result in the same discount).

The combination of the three versions of Quietude will provide you with a really flexible arrangement of songs that will blend together easily, thereby helping you to structure a complete musical journey that will fit perfectly with your spoken words.