Tranquil Forest Birdsong

Tranquil Forest Birdsong Artwork

Tranquil Forest Birdsong is a rare gem of a recording. The sound quality is fantastic and the friendly song of these birds echoing through the the trees creates a wonderful sense of space and serenity. The three minute duration of this loop provides you with a good length of material so you can use it to create a sustained natural sounsdcape that won't sound looped.

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Preview Tranquil Forest Birdsong - 3min Loop
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Preview Tranquil Forest Birdsong With Insects - 3min Loop
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Tranquil Forest Birdsong - Complete Collection
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​In this quiet forest on a sunny morning there were just enough birds around to make the soundscape an interesting and lively one, but not so many that the recording became overcrowded. The birds do not sound shrill or thin - they have a clear, friendly song that invokes feelings of positivity, tranquility and an appreciation of nature.

A nearby recording of insects in the afternoon provided the perfect accompaniment to the original forest birdsong recording. Blending the two provided a more elaborate forest sound that's a little more “summery”.

I love, love, love this recording. I’m very proud of it and I hope you find some great ways to put it to use. It will add a fantastic atmosphere to nature videos and it also blends beautifully with music and other sounds, like wind chimes for example. This is a very well recorded and very versatile nature sound.